Drawing of ancient almshouses

Cheshunt  Almshouses

The Beaumont Charity manages forty unfurnished properties across two sites, designed with the needs of older people in mind. The principle behind everything that the charity does is that residents should enjoy independence and the freedom to come and go as they please while living in comfortable and secure accommodation. Residents should feel confident in the knowledge that support will always be available, whether from the charity itself or from outside agencies, should the need arise.

Above all, the charity respects residents’ privacy.

Conditions of entry

The Charity provides accommodation for residents of Cheshunt or Waltham Cross considered to be in need either financially or socially.

Applicants should  be:

  • Aged at least 60  and have lived in Cheshunt or Waltham Cross for at  least 2 years.


  • Aged at least 60 and have previously lived in Cheshunt or Waltham Cross for at least two years but moved away.


  • Currently living in Cheshunt or Waltham Cross, have been for at least two years, and wish to move parents  aged 60 or over into the area for family care.


In exceptional circumstances the charity can provide accommodation for people who have no connection with Cheshunt or Waltham Cross.

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